Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I'm sleepy, hungry, my back hurts, and my brain doesn't want to cooperate. Next time, I'll write here first before surfing around!
I'm sure you know how it is: email to read, junk mail to delete, contests to enter, free stuff to sign up for, checking out odd things you've linked yourself into by clicking here and there, etc.
I did find some new cool websites though! I'll look into them some more tomorrow and if they measure up (I'd be ROFLOL, if I thought I could get back up in the chair) I'll add them in a new section for everyone's enjoyment. In case my tiredness made that just funny to me, my mind was thinking the fact something had to 'measure up' was funny, like I have all these requirements and stuff, maybe one day! My little blog can have big aspirations I guess. It thinks it can, it thinks it can!!! (Hmph, I wish I knew where to find those little pictures of things people put on their blogs. I'd put a little train there. Just pretend for me okay? Thanks)

PS. This post would be an example of 'Fluff' - nothing really of substance, but taking up space.

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Christian Joy said...

My bestest friend and adopted daughter is, as usual,a little bit dingy, a lot sweet, and often on a different page (or book) than I am! But that is as much my problem as hers. I love reading her blog as it mimics her speech! Gotta love her!!!
Mama J