Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Preventative Napping

Well, I didn't make it back last night. I was getting all tense and migraney, so I took some stuff and had a preventative nap. I actually did feel better when I woke up, but then it was too late to get on the computer (use the one at my neighbors while mine is down). So, clipped and organized some coupons and went to bed. Napping is tiresome, yawn.

I'm now trying to find all those pictures I was talking about in that other post. I know they're on here somewhere!! I did label the folder, so you would think a search would find them, but nooooo. Once I get more adept at all this button-link-html-element stuff, things will be oh so much more festive (probably confusing too, but I'll try not to overwhelm with fluff stuff!)

Hopefully it won't take me too much longer to find them and get 'em attached! I may have lunch, wow it's 2 already, yes I'll have lunch first, then I'll be back!

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