Thursday, June 7, 2007

My small contribution

I'm so excited!!!
I contributed an item to another website!!

The website is 'Hey, It's Free' & it was going to be one of my featured 'favorite sites', here in the next couple posts, once I get the hang of the whole link thing. Plus I wanted to have more than just a couple posts up, so when I asked/let them know and if they wanted to check out my site, it wouldn't be too totally stupid and short, but.... I ran across a freebie to let them know about, before I got as organized as I wanted to be!!
My link is the one about the Free Root Beer Floats at Sonic Drive-In's tonight, June 7th, from 8-midnight.

I've been frequenting their site - link below- for a couple months now and they really do have many useful as well as fun freebie information! They are not the normal, have to do this to get that site, although they do have that information as well, but it's clearly marked. It's a very user friendly site, which is very important. I hate it when websites run you in circles or you can't get back to where you just were.

Just click below and start getting some fun mail!

Hey, It's Free! brings you daily free samples and freebie offers!

Happy Freebieing!!!!

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