Friday, June 29, 2007

Finally Friday??

It was just WW, now it's Friday & I haven't written a gosh darned thing! No funny anecdotes, no bubbly babble, no fire ant explanations,no report on the chiropractor & my perfectly balanced feet! (sad, the only part of me which is in good shape is only stuff below the ankles! and really that's just structural, I still have the owie toe from when I kicked a door in high school, sigh, I just can't have, oh no, wait.... now that I'm checking stuff out, yes, really looking at SOME of my parts, not any of the interesting ones, I do have pretty good hands/nails, and my hair has grown back very cutely curly, and I do like my butt, hehe, I feel better now) *ding*

My SC mom, Joy found this really cool free (+shipping) paperback swap website! She's been using it a couple weeks now, and hasn't had any problems or snafus, snafoos? snaphues? snaffoos? I think that last one, anyone know? I'm not in the mood to look it up. Duh, spell check, it was the first! the last one looks more fun though, doesn't it? Oh, anyway, you list 9 of your own books to start, which gives you 3 credits, which you use to 'shop' with and 'purchase' other people's books. They mail them to you at their expense. If someone wants one of your books, you get an email, then you print out the shipping wrapper (regular paper, which will print with their address, shipping costs, & lines to show you where to fold around the book. Nifty huh?!), apply postage (media mail for most books is 2.13) & stick in the mail. When they receive your book, you get another Point!!

So, to sum it up, 3 of your books offered = one incoming, then 2.13 for each thereafter (cost of you to ship outgoing/get receipt point/incoming). Big sigh, I guess I could have just said "Check it out, here's the link....' but, I just thought of it.

I was out repotting some geraniums, jasmine, and a hibiscus, and did some petunia trimming, so brain kinda
sunny side up. (not hot enough to be fried).
Oh, 'Check it out, here's the link...

I'm going to go have some ice cream now. MMMmmmm


wheatgerm said...

tahnk God it's friday

Michelle Pendergrass said...

I've had many Martini's... :)

Paperback Swap is way cool and I've been there for a long time. LOVE IT (said in true Dragon Tales fashion!)

Christian Joy said...

You are so goofy, daughter! But I love you dearly!